Techno Rubber Company - Waterproofing Systems

Horizontal Spigot

Horizontal spigot is used to connect to a horizontal drain outlet, allowing water to dispersing water into a hopper or similar.

Roof Vent with Cap

This vent is designed to allow moisture to escape from un-ventilated flat roof voids in typical  cold roof build ups,  with mineral wool insulation on ceilings.

Pipe Seal

Self-adhesive pipe boot, designed to seal roof protrusions from 0mm up to 150mm diameter (flues, pipes, soil pipes, cables).

Batten Bar

The Metal Batten Bar has been designed to anchor EPDM membrane and flashing to the roof substrate or penetration

Scrubber Kit

The Scrubber kit contains a scrub pad and holder, which make for easy application of TRC primer.