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TRC EPDM Membrane 060

This TRC Membrane is a heavy-duty membrane with a thickness of 1.52mm. This membrane is flexible yet durable making it the perfect solution for a range of roofing applications including garages, sheds, gutters, and verandas.

TRC is a popular choice for flat roofing installations for a range of reasons including its durability, 35 + year life expectancy, and low maintenance cost.

We hand-cut the membrane to your required size and recommend adding an extra 300mm to your roof size to allow for overhang.

Available Products


  • T0603M   |   TECHNO RUBBER EPDM ROLL 060 3.05m x 30.5m   |  

  • T0604.5M   |   TECHNO RUBBER EPDM ROLL 060 4.58m x 30.5m   |  

  • T0606M   |   TECHNO RUBBER EPDM ROLL 060 6.1m x 30.5m   |  

  • T0607.5M   |   TECHNO RUBBER EPDM ROLL 060 7.62m x 30.5m   |  

  • T0609M   |   TECHNO RUBBER EPDM ROLL 060 9.15m x 30.5m   |  

  • T06012M   |   TECHNO RUBBER EPDM ROLL 060 12.2m x 30.5m   |