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Techno Primer

Techno Primer is used with a variety of Techno Tapes including Flashing Tape, Cover Tape, and Corner Flashing.

Application Tips
Apply the Primer with a scrubber pad and ensure it is touch dry prior to sticking.

Available Products


  • TP0.25   |   Techno Rubber 250ml Techno Primer   |   7.5m of 3" tape or 4m of 9" flashing tape

  • TP1   |   Techno Rubber 1 Litre Techno Primer   |   30m of 3" tape or 16m of 9" flashing tape

  • TP5   |   Techno Rubber 5 Litre Techno Primer   |   150m of 3" tape or 80m of 9" flashing tape